About Apodcastalypse

Waves of sand, dust, and ash blow across the deserted highway. Grass and brush have reclaimed many of the spaces once occupied by asphalt and concrete. The air smells foul and tastes like ash. Those buildings that remain standing after the explosions wear their facades loosely. Occasionally, the prevailing silence is interrupted as pieces break free from the deteriorating structures and tumble down, adding to the giant piles of debris. The painted walls of our homes, our schools have been replaced by black char and broken pipes. 

There are few buildings left but fewer trees. The same explosions that reduced the buildings to rubble also stripped the land of plants taller than a four-year-old. The sun bears down on us as we gather, what’s left of us at least, in the center of town. We survived the apocalypse and now we must figure out how to survive the aftermath.  

The world as we knew it is gone. It is time for us to rebuild, to dare to dream of a new world – the future.

Apodcastalypse is an improvised comedy podcast from The Brass Bells Society and produced by embefive Media Network.