Ep 12 – Best Of and Bloopers

Join Apodcastalypse producers J. Allen Bell and Mark Adams as they take listeners behind the scenes at Apodcastalypse, share some bloopers, and talk about their favorite moments from the first season.

Note from J. Allen and Mark:

This episode only includes a small handful of our favorite moments and “best of” clips. In honest truth we love each and every episode and guest we’ve had on the show this season. If we included everything we wanted the episode would have been 12 hours long and no one wants a 12 hour episode of a podcast. Additionally we’d like to offer our thanks and shout out to everyone who helped with the podcast – All the listeners who submitted questions for our guests, Andrew Lopo for the amazing theme music (and Christmas music), Ryan Flett for teaching us about loving our Bigfooted friends, Tim Nelson for making cannibalism sound fun, Ryan Grau for the special offers, Erin Zinser and Sabina Spicer for teaching us the difference between brioche and bagels, Kara Hayes for giving us the sounds of love, Tom Ono for the truck nuts, Ben Fillerup for the Death Panel, and to our wonderful hosts Corey Gjerman and Brandy Bell! Cheezy but true.

Oh, and thanks to Paisley Jackson Smith for missing so much work.

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