Ep 15 – Hygiene

Hygiene educator Wally Washingham joins Chalcedony and Clef to discuss best practices when it comes to personal hygiene in a post-apocalyptic world. It turns out Wally is also an amateur folk singer and shares a handful of his hygiene-centric songs.  Guest(s): Tim Nelson

Ep 14 – Time

Physicist and time expert Dr. Cassi Peia chats with Clef and Chalcedony about how time will be impacted by the apocalypse. Despite Dr. Peia’s best effort, the hosts struggle to understand the science and concepts behind time. Guest(s): Lourdes Bell

Ep 13 – Happiness

Dr. D.V. Station joins hosts Clef and Chalcedony to discuss happiness in a post-apocalyptic world and why the Dalai Lama is wrong about happiness (and baldness). Clef also receives a call from what may be a long-lost parent.  Guest(s): Scott Spicer

Ep 12 – Best Of and Bloopers

Recording studio equipment

Join Apodcastalypse producers J. Allen Bell and Mark Adams as they take listeners behind the scenes at Apodcastalypse, share some bloopers, and talk about their favorite moments from the first season. Note from J. Allen and Mark: This episode only includes a small handful of our favorite moments and “best of” clips. In honest truth… Continue reading Ep 12 – Best Of and Bloopers

Ep 10 – Healthcare

Dr. Richard Coddler stops by the studio to discuss healthcare in the post-apocalypse. In addition to healthcare related topics, Dr. Coddler talks with Clef and Chalcedony about a new Apple Product that will help aid in post-apocalypse healthcare decisions. Guest(s): Ben Fillerup

Ep 9 – Holidays

Our hosts are snowed in at a hotel outside of Detroit. Far from home, far from friends and family, and feeling a little down, Clef and Chalcedony are reminded of the true spirit of the holidays as some famous friends stop by to visit, with gifts in hand. Guest(s): Ryan Flett, Ryan Grau, Kara Hayes,… Continue reading Ep 9 – Holidays

Ep 8 – Transportation

Kenosha, WI transportation planner Chadwick Morimoto is our guest this month as we discuss transportation in the post apocalypse. Not only is Mr. Morimoto an expert in Transportation but he is also an apocalypse enthusiast and very well may be from a different universe.  Guest(s): Thomas Ono

Ep 7 – Relationships and Dating

Professional matchmaker Dr. Gina Dreyfus joins our hosts to discuss romantic communication, dating, and sex in a post apocalyptic world. Dr. Dreyfus also admits that she is searching for her long lost son. Guest(s): Kara Hayes More from Kara Hayes: Youtube | Soundcloud | Chocolate Pursuit

Ep 6 – Baking

Egg combined with flour in bowl

Cupcake Wars contestants Polly Jackson Smith and Cotton Taylor Monroe discuss baking in a post-apocalyptic world with limited resources. Polly and Cotton also spend a bit of confessing and apologizing to each other for past transgressions. Guest(s): Erin Zinzer, Sabina Spicer

Ep 5 – Agriculture

Tractor in field at sunset

Agriculturalist Derrick Browder joins hosts Chalcedony Figaro-Scott and Cleff Crescendo from his farm in Washington to discuss how an apocalypse would impact farming. Mr. Browdirt not only shares his expertise on farming but also has a great number of investment opportunities to share with both our hosts and our listeners as well. Guest(s): Ryan Grau